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Property Tax Cap Information

Contrary to popular belief, the NYS property tax cap does not cap tax increases at 2%. Instead, schools must use a state formula each year to determine how much they can increase their tax levies by without having to seek a higher percentage of voter approval for the budget. This threshold may be different each year, and must be determined by the District and submitted to the state by March 1st. For 2017, Chatham’s tax cap was 1.496%.

Voting Results for May 16, 2017 Budget Vote

Voting for Chatham Central School District’s annual School Budget Vote and Board of Education Election was held May 16, 2017. The budget 2017-18 budget totals $30,836,975 and carried a projected tax levy increase of 1.3 percent, which is under the limit set by New York State’s property tax cap. The budget is up a total of $294,559, a 0.96% percent increase from the 2016-17 budget.

2017-18 Budget PASSED: 468 yes – 115 No

Proposition #1 – Capital Reserve Fund 3 PASSED: 350 Yes – 127 No

Proposition #2 – Repair Reserve PASSED: 382 Yes – 97 No

Proposition #3 – Student Representative on the Board of Ed. PASSED: 415 Yes – 63 No

Voters also elected Winnie Hoffman Legere (392 votes), Dawn-Marie Blasl (385 votes), and Rachel Galvin (365 votes) to three-year terms on the Board of Education, starting July 1, 2017 and running through June 30, 2020.

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