Hospitalized Students

The Chatham Central School District is committed to growth for all students. We recognize the importance of regular attendance at school, but understand that sometimes circumstances interrupt school attendance.

Students who are hospitalized may be provided with hospital-based tutoring when the duration of hospitalization allows for such arrangements to be planned and when student health status allows students to participate in academic tutoring.

The following procedures are used to assist students in re-entering school following a significant hospitalization:

  1. Parents of students who have had extended hospital stays will be requested to attend a meeting to plan for the student’s re-entry.

  2. The meeting will be scheduled prior to the student returning to school.

  3. Prior to or concurrent with the re-entry meeting, the school psychologist will meet individually with the student.

  4. The re-entry meeting may include: parents, student, Principal, School Counselor, Social Worker, Teacher(s), and representatives of the hospital facility. The psychologist will report on the student’s ability to perform academically and socially in the school environment. The group will identify any needed school supports or safety measures.

  5. A home-school communication plan will be established.

  6. A decision will be made about sharing student information with the school staff.

Parents are encouraged to inform the school about significant hospitalizations by calling your school’s nurse, school counselors, or our home tutoring liaison, Justin Forrest, at 518-392-4142, ext. 1004.