four girls in 1800's dresses

After months of working hard to bring this story to life, Chatham High School performed Little Women, its first live musical in two years, on March 11th and 13th for a live audience in the Chatham High School auditorium. 

Inspired by the classic novel of the same name, Little Women tells the coming-of-age story of four sisters as they navigate their way through the world in times of war. Each sister is unique and entertaining, and their stories are inspiring for all ages. The musical has a very unique and entertaining format that allows audience members to see Jo’s story as she recites it, with sword fights and dancing. 

The show featured many talented actors, including Amelia Scheriff as Jo, Anna Miles as Meg, Fiona Phelps as Amy, Bree Reyome as Beth, Claire VanAcker as Marmee, and Steven Pechacek as Mr. Brooke. Little Women was directed by Edgar Acevedo, assistant directed by Cassidy Flanagan and Eddie Knight, music directed and conducted by Elias Assimakopoulos, and choreographed by Jamie Baksa-Faxon. When asked about working on the musical, assistant director Eddie Knight said, “As an alum of Chatham High School, it has been such a joy to return and help put on the first in-person musical from the start of the pandemic. The work each student onstage and off has put into this production is astonishing!”

The production was also supported by Chatham’s Theater Production & Marketing class, taught by Michael Loomis and Elias Assimakopoulos. The class learns about the ins and outs of putting together a production and then uses that knowledge to help put on the high school musical. Recently, the class has been largely focusing on marketing for Little Women by creating posters, a social media account, and more.