The federal government is providing schools with funding to help with mitigation strategies so that kids can stay in school and to address the impact that the pandemic has had on students. This is called American Rescue Plan funding. 

The Chatham Central School District will receive approximately $1.3 million to use over the next three years. The district plan was shaped by feedback collected from stakeholders over a period of several months.

Graph showing stakeholder input for Chatham CSD American Rescue Plan Grant showing nine categories and the number of stakeholders who rated each category as low priority, neutral, or high priority, as follows.  Safety/Security: 3 Low Priority 12 Neutral 31 High Priority.  Ed Tech: 6 Low Priority 19 Neutral 22 High Priority.  Accel/Enrichment: 2 Low Priority 18 Neutral 25 High Priority.  Summer School: 8 Low Priority 9 Neutral 27 High Priority.  After-school Acad: 7 Low Priority 18 Neutral 20 High Priority.  Additional AIS: 2 Low Priority 16 Neutral 27 High Priority.  SEL Support: 3 Low Priority 14 Neutral 29 High Priority.  Additional Early Ed: 9 Low Priority 15 Neutral 21 High Priority.  HVAC: 5 Low Priority 12 Neutral 30 High Priority.

The District has allocated funding to each of the areas of student learning, particularly focusing on both learning loss and enrichment, and on mental and physical health and safety. Highlights include:

  • Academic intervention services support

  • Teacher assistants for summer school

  • Full-time substitute teachers in each building to support class coverage

  • Extra enrichment and club opportunities

  • School materials and supplies for students and classes

  • Professional development for teachers to support science-based practices

  • Additional psychologist at MED to support social-emotional learning

  • Additional district-wide nurse

The finalized plan will be available on our American Rescue Plan page once approved by the NYS Education Department.