woman talking to students at table

Loree Griffin Burns, scientist, teacher and author of many nonfiction books, was at CMS May 6 and 7 to lead workshops that helped students improve their writing skills, learn new ones, and develop their own writing projects. During an assembly Monday morning, she gave a 20-minute overview of her role as a "true storyteller" to the whole school. Then, either Monday or Tuesday, every student attended a 40-minute writing workshop with Ms. Burns where she shared her research process, which focused on three main tasks:

1. "Unearthing everything" - library and internet resources - make sure they thoroughly check that sources are accurate and reliable. 

2. "Getting the dirt" - talk to experts - who do the students know that knows more than they do? Start close to home but also reach out to the experts about the topic. 

3. "Getting my hands dirty" - experiential learning - going out and having experiences so they can write about it authentically.  

This author in residence program at CMS was made possible in part by a grant from the Chatham Education Foundation of the Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation.

woman talkiong in front of group od students sitting at tables in school library
woman kneeliong to demonstrate to students a point