Chatham CSD is pleased to announce that we have secured multiple sources of state and federal funding for our new universal pre-k program. This means we will be able to serve all the students who have registered for the program this year and will not need to resort to a lottery!

In fact, we have a few more pre-k spots available for the 2023-24 school year, so if you have not registered your child and would like to, contact Chatham CSD's registrar, Emily Qua, at or 518-392-1535.

Our pre-k program is open to children who will turn four (but not five) years of age on or before December 1, 2023 and who are residents of the District. This is a full-day program with access to the school’s breakfast and lunch program. Transportation will be provided for children age 4 and older.

For additional questions, please contact the Mary E. Dardess Elementary School main office at or 518-392-2255.

Visit our Universal Pre-K page...