mortarboard and tassel Class of 2023

Mr. John Thorsen, Principal, and Mr. Justin Forrest, Assistant Principal of Chatham High School, are pleased to release the names of the Honor Students for the graduating Class of 2023. The Honor Students were announced at the Arbor Day Banquet, which is annually held in honor of the Senior Class. The banquet was held at Jackson’s Old Chatham House, who hosted the event on Wednesday, May 24, 2023.

The highest ranking students based on weighted grade point averages are:


John Miles


Samantha Hoffman

 Other Honor Students (in alphabetical order) are:

 Gabriel Bennett

Brittany Boughton

Emma Braley

Eudora Brennan

Nathan Brown

Zachary Casivant

Alexander Chudy

Meghan Distin

Jake Dwileski

Jordan Fisher

Ian Freiermuth

Gracelyn Gebel

Luka Gray

Ethan Halpin                                                                            

Jonah Howard

Noah Hutchinson

Moriah Martino

Emily Mesick

Nicole Meyers

Anna Miles

Olive Mountain

Jillian Perry

Michael Pierro

Hannah Pinto

Kira Ploof

Cillian Reyome

Hailey Ruff

Amelia Scheriff

Jillian Silver

Kyle Smalley                                                                                         

Wil Spencer

Matthew Thorsen

Tessa Wallace