classes pose with big farm tractor

Students from Mr. Botsford’s and Mrs. Winter’s Language Concepts classes took a field trip to A. Ooms & Sons Dairy Farm in Valatie on May 24. While at the farm, the children held baby goats, bottle-fed a calf, and got to climb into a John Deere tractor. They saw advanced technology at work too, such as cows being milked with robotic milking machines and a robot known as an automatic feed pusher keeping the feeding lanes tidy. They also learned that the Ooms’ success in farming dates back to the 1500s in the Netherlands and that today they have approximately 900 cows. Before the classes left, the Ooms family gave the children Cabot cheese, which their milk goes to make, that the students ate upon arriving back at school!

farmer talking to group of children

children holding baby goat

children petting calf

girl holding baby goat

boy bottle-feeding calf

farmer and boy walking through barn

group photo of classes in dairy barn