Three mechanics standing under bus on lift

Chatham CSD’s transportation department got a perfect score on its 2022-23 NYS Department of Transportation Bus Inspection System Operator Profile. The profile, which summarizes a total of 93 safety inspections conducted by NYS on our bus fleet over the past year, showed a 100 percent pass rate! The NYS Department of Transportation (DOT) goal for schools is a pass rate of 90 percent or greater. The DOT inspects each vehicle we use to transport students twice per year.

"Our 100 percent passing rate shows that our preventative maintenance program is a successful one and is a key component to ensure the safety of our students during transport," said Joshua Loeffler, Chatham’s supervisor of transportation services. 

Chatham’s transportation department achieved a 100 percent pass rate last school year as well. 

A big shoutout to our mechanics Robert Rafferty, William Cooley, and Wally Engel for their hard work and dedication to achieve this goal!