School Tool Parent Portal FAQ

1. How do I access the Parent Portal?

You can gain access through the district website at by clicking the
PARENT PORTAL icon on the right side of the district homepage and each school building page. This will take you to a log in screen, where you will need to enter your email address and password.


2. I had an account last year, do I need to sign-up again?

No, you will not need to sign-up again as your account remains intact while your children remain a part
of the Chatham Central School District.


3. I forgot my password and/or locked myself out of my account, who do I contact?

Please contact the main office of the school your child attends.


4. Who has access to information through the parent portal?

The parent portal is secure and password protected so that only a student’s parents, legal guardians, or
the student him or herself can use the portal to access that student’s information.

5. How do I get an account?

You will need to fill out the required Parent Portal Access Form, which can be downloaded at under the PARENTS link. Once you have filled out the form, please go
to the Main Office of the school that one of your children attends and show a picture ID.


6. Why do I need to get my account in person? Why can’t you just send me the information?

By law, only school officials, students and their parents or guardians have a right to view student
educational records. In order to protect privacy of student information, you will need to show a picture
ID to establish that you are the parent or legal guardian of the student whose records you wish to


7. What information do I have access to?

You will be able to access your student’s schedules, attendance, discipline, grades, and assignments, as
well as demographic and emergency contact information.


8. What browser should I be using?

Internet Explorer and Safari are the recommended web browsers for accessing the Parent Portal.


9. Can I access information for all of my children through the same account?



10. How do I update my emergency contact information?

Contact Michelle Haley in the Registrar’s Office at 392-1535.


11. Can my spouse and I have separate accounts?

Each parent or guardian may have separate accounts. You will each need to apply for your account and
you will need a different email address for each account.


12. Does my child have access to the parent portal?

High school students will be allowed access to their own account. Middle school students will have the
opportunity to access their account with parent permission. Elementary school students will not be
given access their own account.


13. Can I communicate with my child’s teachers directly through the parent portal?

No. Please refer to the district website for teacher e-mail addresses.


14. How do I know how each teacher weights or uses each grade?

Please refer to each teacher’s individual grading policy on his or her website.


15. How do I check my child’s progress in a particular course?

Go to the “assignments” tab. The drop down menu on the right allows you to choose a specific course.
Selecting a course shows you the scores earned by your child for each specific assignment in that course.


16. I see an assignment, but there is no grade given, what does this mean?

Those without a score next to them either have not been assigned or graded yet.


17. How do I find my child’s Regents Exam scores?

Go to the “grades” tab. Each Regent Exam will be listed as its own course.


18. What information is given under the ASSESSMENT tab?

This tab contains 3-8 NYS Assessment scores for English Language Arts and Mathematics.


19. What is period attendance?

At the middle and high schools, attendance is taken at the beginning of each class period. Period
attendance refers to a student’s attendance in that specific class each day. At MED, teachers do not
keep period attendance.


20. What do the attendance codes mean?

Known – teacher is aware of why a student is not in their class (i.e. music lesson, guidance, nurse, etc).
Unknown – teacher is unaware of why a student did not attend that particular class.
Excused – the district knows why the student is absent and the reason is an excused reason for missing
school (i.e. illness).
Unexcused – the district does not know why the student is absent or the reason does not meet the
criteria for an excused absence (i.e. family vacation).


21. What if I change my primary e-mail address?

You must fill out a new Parent Portal Access Form found on the district website at under the PARENTS link. On the PARENTS page please look for the link to the Parent Portal Access Form PDF. Return the completed form to your child’s school.


22. Who do I contact if I have a problem or question regarding the parent portal?

Please contact the main office of the school your child attends.