Protocols for Weather Closings/Delays

Winter Weather Closings

The superintendent and transportation supervisor consult multiple weather forecasts, highway departments and transportation supervisors from other districts. Members of our transportation department drive to various areas of the District to check the roads, as conditions differ greatly from one area of the district to another. The superintendents from neighboring districts confer with each other and compare information. It is after gathering all of this input that a decision is made by the superintendent. The decision to close or delay is generally made by 5:15 a.m.

Our primary consideration is whether our buses can safely transport students to and from school, considering:

  • Timing of the storm

  • Actual and forecasted temperatures

  • The progress of the crews working to clear the roads

  • Time needed to clear school roads and parking lots

Delayed Openings

The decision to delay is made when there is reason to believe that road conditions will improve over the 2- or 3-hour delay time. If conditions do not improve by 8 or 8:15 a.m. and it is still unsafe for buses to travel, the decision to close will be made and the autodialing system will call students’ primary contacts.

Early Dismissal

In the event of inclement weather that begins while school is in session, forecasts and radar are closely monitored to determine if conditions will worsen or improve by regular student dismissal time. We try to avoid early dismissals because of the significant inconvenience to parents. However, ensuring our students get home safely is of utmost importance and will be the determining factor in a decision to dismiss early. Our autodialing system will be utilized if conditions force us to close school early.

Afterschool and Evening Activities

When school is closed or if weather conditions force us to close schools early, all afterschool and evening activities are cancelled. If school dismisses at the regular time, and conditions warrant cancellation of afterschool and/or evening activities, a decision will be made by 2:00 p.m.

Will the District switch to remote learning on snow days rather than cancel school?

We feel that snow days are a treasured childhood tradition and do not plan to switch to remote learning in the event of  inclement weather. When weather prevents the safe travel of students and staff to and from school, our plan is to delay or cancel classes as we have in the past. We want our kids to be able to enjoy the winter wonderland that fresh snow brings!

Where do we communicate closings, delays and cancellations?

  • Emergency Information Line Phone Recording : Dial 518-392-2400, select option 1

  • School website:

  • Autodialing phone call or text to student's primary contact

  • Facebook:

  • Twitter: Follow Superintendent DeAngelo on Twitter @Saldeangelo

  • Television: WNYT-13; WRGB-6; WTEN-10; WXXA-TV 23; Time Warner Cable News

  • Radio: AM- WGY 810; WHUC- 1230; FM- WFLY 92.3; WRVE-99.5; WYJB- 95.5; 93.5 FM

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