Additional Student Privacy Information

Videotapes, digital movies and/or photographs of students may be shared with the public through, for example, public media outlets, the District newsletters, reports, website, social media and other District communications, or those of our educational partners, unless the parent/guardian or eligible student requests, in writing, that videotapes, digital movies or photographs of the student not be publicized.

The District also often shares examples of works produced by our students, such as writing, artwork, photographs, videos, coding, and music, through public media outlets and through District newsletters, reports, website, social media sites, and other District communications. If you do not wish to have your child’s work publicized/reproduced, a parent/guardian or eligible student should request, in writing, that the student’s work not be publicized/reproduced by the District.

Parents or eligible students (age 18 or older) have a right to request that such information NOT by released by the school. It is the responsibility of the parent or student to make these wishes known, in writing, to the building principal or superintendent each year by September 20, or within 15 days of the student’s enrollment in school.