2018 Capital Project

In May, 2018, Chatham Central School District Voters approved a capital capital project to shore up aging infrastructure throughout the District and address safety and security concerns. This project will not require the District to levy additional taxes.

Just like any property, schools need regular upkeep if they are to continue to operate as intended. Chatham Central School District’s buildings range in age from over 45 to 113 years old and a recent building condition survey identified several areas that require renovation, upgrading, or replacement due to our aging infrastructure. After careful consideration and thorough review by the Facilities Committee and Board of Education, Chatham Central Schools proposed a capital improvement project that will address areas that are in need of immediate attention if our facilities are to remain healthy, safe, and secure places to learn.

How Will the District Pay for the Project

The use of reserves and state aid will allow the District to pay for the project without the need to levy additional taxes. Chatham Central Schools entered into a 15-year bond to pay for the project. New York State building aid will reimburse the District for approximately half of the total cost. In previous years, voters approved the District to create Capital Reserve Funds to pay for future capital work. The District will expend $2,084,472 from the 2008 Capital Reserve Fund, $2,000,000 from the 2015 Capital Reserve Fund, $1,139,235 from the 2017 Capital Reserve Fund, and $150,000 from unappropriated fund balance to pay the other half, or local share, of the bond.

Work items include:

Chatham High School

• Replace rooftop air-conditioning units

• Make improvements to interior ventilation systems

• Upgrade fire alarm

• Upgrade kitchen equipment

• Install backup air conditioning unit in server room

• Replace waterproof flashing along roof

• Reconstruct loading dock and add safety rail

• Replace outdated electrical panels and transformers

• Minor restorations to masonry

• Minor upgrades to plumbing

Chatham Middle School

• Construct secure entrance vestibule at front door

• Construct safe exit-way from boiler room

• Replace sections of roof (totaling 33,000 square feet)

• Upgrade gym lighting and ventilation

• Replace air-conditioning systems (school offices, public library, & technology wing)

• Restore plaster, paint, and improve ventilation (auditorium)

• Install staff bathroom on third floor

• Replace aging oil lines

• Replace aging plumbing

• Replace exterior doors (boiler room & gym entrance)

• Add electrical switching for hallway lights

• Restore exterior trim and gutters

• Restore exterior masonry

• Address poor drainage around building

Mary E. Dardess (MED) Elementary School

• Replace underground fuel oil tank and oil lines

• Replace corroded pipes and other plumbing upgrades

• Replace exterior doors (District offices & 1st-3rd grade wing)

• Replace bathroom ceilings (District offices & kindergarten classrooms)

• Re-seal exterior windows, louvers and joints

• Install backup air-conditioning unit for server room

Chatham Public Library

• Upgrade alarm and public address systems

• Replace lighting (upper floor)

• Paint ceiling (upper floor)

• Restore exterior trim and gutters

• Minor restorations to masonry

Bus Garage

• Replace exterior paneling

• Replace gutters

• Replace interior and exterior lighting

• Replace electrical panel

• Install vehicle ventilation hoses (maintenance shop)

Site Work

• Repave MED parking lot (keeping existing parking/traffic pattern)

• Repave campus drive from MED to Woodbridge Avenue

• Repave CMS parking area along Library Place

• Resurface CHS track

• Resurface CHS tennis courts

• Construct 1,200 square-foot storage shed behind CHS

*For a complete scope of work and cost estimates, see our Pre-Referendum Scope of Work