Boy holding up report of Freda Kahlo

Eighth graders taking Spanish with Ms. Cuzco created biographies of important people highlighting the contributions they made to society. 

“We chose a hispanic figure to learn about, then did our own research and did a report,” explained eighth grader Norah Sotherden. 

“We were looking for anything important that made that person what they are, and included it in our presentations,” added classmate Paxton Brownell .

Their projects coincided with Hispanic Heritage Month, happening this September and October. Ms. Cuzco provided her students with 40 accomplished individuals, from either history or the present day, to choose from. Along with researching and giving a presentation to the class on their chosen figure, the students put together coloful reports that are now displayed on the school walls. 

Boy giving report to class

Biographies with drawings of the individuals hang ona wall