student holding gift card and positive attitude suggestion box

Chatham Middle School’s April character education theme was Positive Attitude.  The event was certainly a community and school partnership. After a week of homeroom videos and discussions, the school CMS Chatham graduates Lauren Wrigley, teacher, and Ani Adamski, speech therapist, to speak about their personal middle school journeys. They shared their advice, stories of resilience, and how positivity played an important part in their lives .

In addition, every week, staff submitted positive student stories and placed their  recommendation in a raffle box. Our winners were:

Nelly Cruz-Tapia 
Mike Ashline 
Olivia Jones 
Levi Coon 
Isabella Craig
Arlo Bishop-Hayes 

Thank you to our community for donating many gift certificates to the winners, including the Crandell Theatre, the Lobel family, Gnome Slice Pizzeria, Dairy Queen, and Rollin’ Sundaes.

woman speaking to audience of studentswoman speaking to audience of studentswoman and girl posing for photogirls posing with gift certificate