teacher and three boys at map on wall

In Ms. Thorsen and Ms. Chelsea's class, together with Ms. Fisher’s daily Adaptive Physical Education class, students log in their miles walking around the Chatham community, stopping briefly to chat with townspeople and friendly pups along the way. They average about 1.75 miles a day walking to places like the fairgrounds and Main Street, or during inclement weather, on the treadmill. Their goal is to walk 250 miles this school year, which is the equivalent distance from Chatham Middle School to Montreal, Canada. Along the way north, they will explore different destinations. 

By the end of October, the students met their first 50-mile goal and found themselves in Saratoga Springs, NY. As a treat and also an opportunity to practice their functional goals, the class visited The Children’s Museum in Saratoga and dined at McDonald’s on December 1.

The next mile marker is Fort Ticonderoga. Stay tuned for details on their progress. They have their passports ready and hope to make it to Montreal by June! If you see them in town, be sure to cheer them on!

three boys at pretend checkout counter

teacher and students in Dr. outfits

two boys at pretend fire station

woman and boy on pretend horse