Yale Spizzwinks on stage

Students across the District were treated to the sweet sounds of The Yale Spizzwinks(?) a cappella group on November 3. After performing two assemblies for students in grades 2-8 and high school music students, the Spizzwinks held a master class with Chatham High School’s a cappella group, The McDozen. Over dinner provided by the Fine Arts Booster Club, masterclass students were able to ask the Spizzwinks about the audition process to be part of this elite singing group and about college life. The Spizzwinks then performed an evening concert for the community, during which The McDozen joined them on stage. This was an incredible event for all students involved and served as an enlightening reminder of how music making can be part of your college life without majoring in music. 

Spizzwinks lead masterclass for CHJS students

The McDozen performing in music room for the Spizzwinks

The Spizzwinks and The McDozen performing on stage