Guidance Philosophy Statement

Philosophy of Counseling Professionals at Chatham Central Schools:

We believe that all students:

  • Can be successful

  • Deserve a safe and welcoming school environment

  • Are diverse individuals and have unique learning abilities

  • Can overcome obstacles and have the ability to make appropriate decisions to lead healthy lives

  • Benefit from a sense of belonging

  • Face developmental challenges

  • Have the ability to develop self awareness

  • Can be productive members of the world of work and the 21st century

 We believe our role is to:

  • Address the academic, social and career domains of all students

  • Advocate, lead, coordinate, collaborate and educate students to achieve success

  • Use data to guide program planning and decision making to evaluate results

  • Be lifelong learners

We believe it is important for our program to:

  • Be comprehensive, preventative, developmental and standards based

  • Address the needs of a diverse and changing community

  • Be provided by Certified Professionals (School Counselors, Social Workers, Psychologist)

  • Be integrated with the School, District and State goals

  • Foster a sense of belonging and purpose within the school and larger community