CHS Health Office

Here you will find health-related information specific to Chatham High School students.

If you have any questions, please contact School Nurse Valerie Persons by e-mail or by phone at 392-1580.

What to do if Your Child Becomes Sick

Please refer to the following resources if your child is exhibiting any symptoms of an illness at home or is sent home from school due to illness.

CCSD Guidelines Regarding Student Illnesses

NYSDOH COVID-19 In-Person Decision Making Flowchart for Student Attendance

NYSDOH Flowchart: My child has COVID-19 symptoms. When can they go back to school?

More information on our District’s response to the COVID-19 crisis is available on our Coronavirus Response page…

Health Forms

To download a health form, please click on one of the following forms.

  • Return to School After Illness Form

  • Application for Employment Certificate Form

  • Athletic Health History Form

  • Dental Health Certificate

  • Extracurricular Contract

  • Required NYS Health Examination Form

  • Medical Services Permission Form

  • Medication Self Carry Permission Form

  • Permission for Medication in School Form

  • Physical Fitness Certificate Form

  • Student Health History Form


Physical Education

Students who have medical concerns limiting physical activity for more than one class period must have a written note from a physician. The medical excuse must be specific in nature, describing exactly what activities are prohibited and what activities are allowed. If a student is completely restricted from physical activity, it is the responsibility of the physical education teacher to assign an alternative non-physical assignment(s). There will be no medical exceptions from physical education. All students must pass four years of physical education totaling two course credits.


Medication Guidelines

  • Medication must be administered by or be under the supervision of school nursing personnel.

  • A written order from a licensed prescriber is required.

  • A written statement from the parent or guardian requesting the administration of the medication in school as ordered by the licensed prescriber is necessary.

  • The parent or guardian must assume responsibility to have the medication delivered directly to the health office in a properly labeled, original container.

  • Medication is to be stored in a locked cabinet or separate locked drawer in the Health Office. Medication required refrigeration should be refrigerated in a secure area.

  • Under special conditions, students may carry and self-administer medication. A written order from the prescriber and a written request from the parent should be on file in the Health Office.