Arrival & Dismissal Procedures

Chatham Middle School 2020-21 Arrival Procedures:

  • Students will be strategically called from buses. This will be coordinated to ensure optimal spacing and safety.
  • Staff will be located around CMS to ensure students are maintaining social distance.
  • Students will be divided between several entrances.
  •  Students will undergo a COVID PROTOCOL before entering the building.
  • Students will use physical distancing markers (orange paw prints) at designated entrances.
  • Staff members will be located at designated entrances to administer COVID SCREENING PROTOCOLS.
  • Students will use social distancing markers to maintain distance as they await greeting and temperature checks from staff
  • Once in CMS, students will go directly to their homeroom following social distancing markers.

Student Arrival 7:30-7:50 a.m.

6th Grade Walkers/Drop-offs at Main Entrance (Front of CMS)
7th Grade Walkers/Drop-offs at Library Entrance (Front of CMS)
8th Grade Walker/Drop-offs at Library Entrance (Front of CMS)

6, 7, 8 Busers – Coordinated Entry:

  • Gym Entrance (Back of CMS)
  • Entrance Near Art Room (Back of CMS)
  • Entrance near TECH/IT Rooms (Back of CMS)

All Grades: Students with elevated temperatures will be taken to the isolation room to be evaluated by the school nurse.


  • Students can not cross Woodbridge Avenue if they are being dropped off.
  • For all drop offs on Woodbridge Avenue, cars should be facing Kinderhook Street (passenger side of car toward CMS).
  • Students should maintain social distancing on side-walks.

Chatham Middle School 2020-21 Dismissal Procedures:

  • CMS will have a slightly staggered dismissal to ensure proper social distancing.
  • CMS staff will be monitoring students during dismissal at strategic locations.
  • Walkers/Pickups will be dismissed first. Walkers/pickups will leave the building through designated exits based on the location of their 9th period class.
  • Walkers/Pickups will be directed to the front of CMS. Walkers/Pickups who exit the back of the building will be routed to the front of the building.
  • For parents new to the middle school, there is no sign out for walkers/pickups.

Dismissal 2:08-2:20 p.m.

Walkers –  Staggered dismissal will start around 2:08. Walkers/pickups will follow staggered dismissal from their 9th period class. Students will leave through designated exits based on classroom location.

Busers – Will begin a staggered dismissal procedure. Students will be dismissed based on social distancing. Students will leave the building through designated exits at the back of CMS.