Staff Directory

Dial 518-392-2400, follow prompts to select building, then dial ext.

Andersen, AliciaH/S
Antalek, JeannetteH/S Special
Artist, JefferyH/S
Ashley, DerrickMED Cleaner3005
Baccaro, NickM/S Head
Baldauf, KarinM/S Grade
Baldwin, AngelaH/S Food Service Helper1060
Baldwin, LeighMED Senior Food Service Helper3203
Barnes, SarahH/S
Barone, CarolynM/S Math – Grade
Barth, NancyM/S
Baskiewicz, SaraMED
Beaucage, RaelynMED T.
Belline, KristinMED Head
Berlt-Williams, DianeBus
Bervy, KristenMED T.
Bintz, JonathanH/S
Blair, AnitaM/S T.
Botsford, KevinMED Language Concepts
Boykin, RichardCMS Special
Bramah, LaurenSecretary – Business Office/
Brantley, JohnM/S PE & Athletic
Brownell, AbigailMED Vocal
Burch, MarkMS/HS Permanent Daily
Burnell, Ruth AnneH/S T.
Burns, MichaelM/S
Butler, PattiMED OT/
Caldwell, ShawnH/S Technology/
Carroll, AmandaH/S
Cassidy, LorettaH/S Guid. Sr.
Cassanova, SarahMED T.
Charbonneau, AdamDistrict
Chittenden, JillH/S
Christensen, LucasAdministrator of Educational
Chudy, MichaelBusiness
Colwell, LindaMED Physical
Conklin, ErinH/S Special
Conley, ElizabethH/S
Connelly, MarkM/S Social Studies – Grade
Connelly, MeghanH/S
Cook, PeterH/S Social
Cooley, WilliamBus Mechanic4063
Cousin, MelonieMED Speech3062
Cowherd, TylerM/S
Cowles, KimberlyMED
Cuzco, NinoskaM/S
Crosby, AnitaMED T.
Curtis, KatharineH/S
Daly, ElizabethTeaching
Davey, AndrewDirector of
Debye-Saxinger, MicheleM/S English – Grade
Decker, BrookeH/S
Decker, ElizabethH/S
Decker, JessicaMED AIS K-5
DeLisle, JuliePublic Library Director
DePew, MaureenH/S  T. Aide
Diaz, RichQuestar III Internal Claims Auditor
Dilis, MariaMED AIS K-5
DiIorio, JennferH/S
Dodge, ColleenH/S
Eager, DonnaHS/MS
Eckler, RhondaMED T.
Eiser, BradleyM/S
Elbert, JenniferM/S
Ellis, PennyH/S T.
Engel, LisaH/S T.
Engel, WalterBus Mechanic4062
Ewers, JanetMED Grade
Fabiano, Mary-NoelleMED
Fahey, ChristineH/S
Felton, GilesNetwork Syst.
Ferry, JeanMED Food Service Helper3203
Fiero, HollyH/S T.
Fink, DonnaPhysical
Fischer, SandraH/S
Fisher, LynnM/S Phys.
Flanagan, CassidyMED Long-Term Grade 1
Flanagan, JamesH/S Math/
Fleck, KalynMED Gr. 3 Special
Forrest, JustinH/S Asst.
Fortran, BrettMED Asst.
Foster, LaurieH/S Phys.
Freiermuth, TrishaNetwork Systems
French, DeniseH/S Test Lab
Fuller, TraceyM/S Math – Grade 7/
Fuss, BarbaraM/S T.
Gauthier, CherylMED T.
Gilligan, KarenH/S T.
Goodwin, ChristopherMED/MS
Griggs, MichaelH/S Social
Grill, LauraMED Grade
Haley, MicheleSecretary I – Enrollment/
Hamilton, MaggieM/S Special
Hammon, DianeAdmin Assistant Supt.
Haner, MichelleH/S Teacher
Hanson, NatalieMED T. Assistant (P-K)
Helmrath, PeterMaint.
Hetterich, CeciliaM/S English – Grade
Heussler, JordanM/S Grade
Hoffman, JacquelineM/S
Hoffman, JudsonMED/MS
Hogencamp, MariaMED Grade
Holmes, EmilyMED Grade
Hoopes, MelanieMED T.
Horton, EricaMED T.
Hotaling, JoanH/S Cleaner1007
Howard, HeatherMED
Howard, TeriSr. Typist –
Hughes, TeresaHead Bus Driver/
Jackson, LaurieCHS T.
Jarrard, KateMS/HS
Jory, BrittneyMED School
Justiniano, AntonioH/S Custodian1007
Keegan, AshleyH/S Social
Keller, RobertaM/S Math
Kelly, AlmaCentral Copy/Central
Kelly, TracyH/S Social
King, BethSecretary – Special Ed.
Kraham, BrookeM/S T.
Kral, LaurenMED
Krein, KaitlynM/S School
Kullman, MichaelH/S Special
Ladd, Kathelyn (Kachie)M/S Grade
Laguesse, EricaM/S T.
Lanterman, JessicaMED Grade
Lashway, DennisMaint.
Layton, DebiHS/Athletics
Layton, KimberlyMED Secretary
Leone, BriannaMED Food Service
Leone, StevenMED
Lillie, PatriciaMED T.
Lineberry, StephanieMED Grade
Lombardi, JamesH/S
Lombardi, KearaMS/HS
Loomis, MichaelH/S Business
Lutz, SusanH/S Spanish Long-Term
Lynch, J. KateMED Grade
Lynch-Sanford, ChristieMED T.
Mackowski, KristineM/S Grade 6
Madsen, KelliMED T.
Mangold, JordanDistrict
Maraglio, SuzanneMED 3 Special
Martin, KerriH/S
Martino, DeborahMED T.
McCardle, MeghanM/S Special
McCullum, NicoleQuestar School Imp. Data Analyst4054
McShane, SamanthaHS/MS Vocal
Mead, TimothyM/S Cleaner2032
Mesick-Keil, PatriciaM/S T.
Metrando, JenniferM/S T.
Miano, MarieM/S Food Service2069
Mickle, MicheleH/S T.
Milano, RebeccaMED Grade
Miller, DarleneM/S Grade
Montgomery, LaurenH/S
Moore, MaryM/S Sr. Food Service Helper2069
Morgan, ReneeMED
Morse, MicaelaMED T. Assistant Grade
Mulica, JacquelineMED Grade
Murray, BarbaraFood Service
Murray, SaraMED Grade
Myers, PeggyMED Food Service3203
O’Dowd, TomM/S Science Grade
O’Keefe, AimeeMED/MS Social
Oleynek, SteveSupervisor of
Oligny, DebraMED
O’Neill, AnnM/S Reception/Attendance
Paladino, FrankH/S Cleaner1007
Paladino, MelissaMED
Paratore, MelissaMED Gr. K-5 AIS
Paratore, PatrickQuestar III Health &
Patton, KathleenMED Custodian3005
Pearson, MarkH/S Social
Perry, AaronQuestar III IT
Perry, MeganM/S
Persons, ValerieH/S
Phillips, ChelseaMED Library Media
Phillips, StevenMaintenance Worker4030
Poland, OwenH/S Soc.
Pottenburgh, DeborahSr. Typist-Supt.Office/District
Pottenburgh, MeghanMED T.
Powell, JenniferM/S
Pracher, LucyMED T.
Pravel, SabrinaMED Grade
Pritchett, KelliMED T.
Proper, GordonM/S Custodian
Qua, EmilyM/S Guidance
Rafferty, RobertBus Mechanic4062
Ranita, LaurieMED
Reichardt, ConnieMED Grade
Reno, KristenMED Elementary
Richard, WilliamM/S Social Studies Grade
Riddick, ErikaMED Grade
Ristau, LindsayMED Grade K-5 AIS
Roloson, JohnMED Phys.
Ronca, StephanieMED Grade
Rossi, TheresaH/S Special
Rudat, CourtneyMED Grade
Sacco, MaryH/S T.
Samplaski, JessicaH/S English/
Sanders, TaraMED T.
Schneider, BarbaraMED T.
Schrom, HollyAccount
Scott, ChristinaMED
Sigler, KristineH/S T.
Simmons, DarcyM/S
Simon, BrianDir. Special
Smith, JulieM/S Teaching
Smith, PatriciaHS/MS
Songayllo, PatriciaH/S
Sorros, KarenMED T.
Southard, KarenNetwork Support
Souza-Donovan, KarenHS/MS
Stead, MichaelM/S Assistant
Steltz, ScottH/S Phys.
Stickles, RodneyH/S Special
Taylor, EdwinM/S Custodian2032
Thorpe, KiraMED Special Education Gr.
Thorsen, JohnHigh School
Thorsen, MargaretM/S Special Ed. Gr.
Tomaso, PatriceH/S
Toomey, LisaDistrict
Tuzikas, AndreaHS/MS
Tyski, LesterMaint.
VanAlstyne, ElaineMED T.
VanAlstyne, TravisSchool Resource
Van Etten, CatlynBuilding Maintenance
Van Etten, MeganMED Senior
VanNess, JeremyDistrict
VanNote, KristenMED Grade
Velez, PatriciaMED Permanent Daily
Verenazi, PamelaM/S Secretary
Wagner, KristyMED Grade
Wallace, SusanM/S T.
Welch, ChelseaM/S T.
Wenk, LisaMED T.
Wheeler, DavidH/S Head
Williams, CarolH/S Library T.
Williams, JessicaMED T.
Williams, VictoriaMED Grade 4 Special
Willis, ShawnM/S T.
Winter, CarrieMED Language Concepts
Wolfe, TanyaH/S Sr. Food Service Helper1060
Wright, JoaneAccount Clerk/Tax Coll./
Wrigley, NicoleMED Grade 5 Special
Zapp, MeredithMED AIS Reading Gr.
Zebrowski, DavidH/S Spanish Long-term
Zwingelberg, MichaelM/S