Staff Directory

Dial 518-392-2400, follow prompts to select building, then dial ext.

Andersen, AliciaH/S
Antalek, JeannetteH/S Special
Artist, JefferyH/S
Ashley, DerrickMED Cleaner3005
Baccaro, NickM/S Head
Baldauf, KarinM/S Grade
Baldwin, AngelaH/S Food Service Helper1060
Baldwin, LeighMED Senior Food Service Helper3203
Barone, CarolynM/S Math – Grade
Barth, NancyM/S
Baskiewicz, SaraMED
Belline, KristinMED Head
Berlt-Williams, DianeBus
Bervy, KristenMED T.
Bintz, JonathanH/S
Blair, AnitaM/S T.
Blair, JeanMED Food Service Helper3203
Blass, AmberMED T.
Botsford, KevinMED Language Concepts
Boykin, RichardCMS Special
Bradley, TrishaMED
Brantley, JohnM/S PE & Athletic
Brennan, KateOT/
Brownell, AbigailMED Vocal
Burnell, Ruth AnneH/S T.
Burns, MichaelM/S
Caldwell, ShawnH/S Technology/
Carrizales, AlexandraMED T.
Carroll, AmandaH/S
Casanova, SarahMED Health Office
Cassidy, LorettaH/S Guid. Sr.
Charbonneau, AdamDistrict
Chittenden, JillH/S
Christensen, LucasAdministrator of Educational
Chudy, MichaelBusiness
Colwell, LindaMED Physical
Conklin, ErinH/S Special
Conley, ElizabethH/S
Connelly, MarkM/S Dean of
Connelly, MeghanH/S
Cook, PeterH/S Social
Cooley, WilliamBus Mechanic4063
Cousin, MelonieMED Speech3062
Cowherd, TylerM/S
Cowles, KimberlyMED
Crosby, AnitaMED T.
Curtis, KatharineH/S
Daly, ElizabethTeaching
Debye-Saxinger, MicheleM/S English – Grade
Decker, ElizabethH/S
Decker, JessicaMED AIS K-5
DeLisle, JuliePublic Library Director
DePew, MaureenH/S  T. Aide
Diaz, RichQuestar III Internal Claims Auditor
DiIorio, JennferH/S
Dodge, ColleenH/S
Eager, DonnaHS/MS
Eckler, RhondaMED T.
Eiser, BradleyM/S
Elbert, JenniferM/S
Ellis, PennyH/S T.
Engel, LisaH/S T.
Engel, WalterBus Mechanic4062
Ewers, JanetMED Grade
Fabiano, Mary-NoelleMED
Fahey, ChristineH/S
Felton, GilesNetwork Syst.
Fiero, HollyH/S T.
Fink, DonnaPhysical
Fischer, SandraH/S
Fisher, LynnM/S Phys.
Flanagan, JamesH/S Math/
Fleck, KalynMED Gr. 2 Special
Forrest, JustinH/S Asst.
Fortran, BrettMED Asst.
Foster, LaurieH/S Phys.
Freiermuth, TrishaNetwork Systems
French, DeniseH/S Test Lab
Fuller, TraceyM/S Math – Grade 7/
Fuss, BarbaraM/S T.
Gauthier, CherylMED T.
Gilligan, KarenH/S T.
Goodwin, ChristopherMED/MS
Griggs, MichaelH/S Social
Grill, LauraMED Grade
Hagadone, EmmieMED T.
Haley, MicheleSecretary I – Enrollment/
Hammon, DianeAdmin Assistant Supt.
Haner, MichelleH/S Teacher
Hanson, NatalieMED T. Assistant (P-K)
Helmrath, PeterMaint.
Hetterich, CeciliaM/S English – Grade
Heussler, JordanM/S Grade
Hoffman, JacquelineM/S
Hoffman, JudsonMED/MS
Hogencamp, MariaMED Grade
Holmes, EmilyMED Grade
Hoopes, MelanieMED T.
Horton, EricaMED T.
Howard, HeatherMED
Howard, TeriSr. Typist –
Hughes, TeresaHead Bus Driver/
Jackson, LaurieMED T.
Jardine, SarahH/S
Jarrard, KateMS/HS
Jory, BrittneyMED School
Justiniano, AntonioH/S Custodian1007
Keegan, AshleyH/S Social
Keller, RobertaM/S Math
Kelly, AlmaCentral Copy/Central
Kelly, TracyH/S Social
Kilea, AnitaPsychologist
King, BethSecretary – Special Ed.
Kneller, BrookeH/S
Kraham, BrookeM/S T.
Kral, LaurenMED
Kullman, MichaelH/S Special
Ladd, Kathelyn (Kachie)M/S Grade
Laguesse, EricaM/S T.
Lanterman, JessicaMED Grade
Lashway, DennisMaint.
Laudenschlager, JeffreyM/S Social Studies Grade
Layton, DebiHS/Athletics
Layton, KimberlyMED Secretary
Leggett, CoryMED T.
Leone, BriannaMED Food Service
Leone, StevenMED
Lillie, PatriciaMED T.
Lineberry, StephanieMED Grade
Lombardi, JamesH/S
Lombardi, KearaMS/HS
Loomis, MichaelH/S Business
Lossow, AnitaMED T.
Lutz, SusanMED T.
Lynch, J. KateMED Grade
Lynch-Sanford, ChristieMED T.
Mackowski, KristineM/S Grade 6
Madsen, KelliMED T.
Mangold, JordanDistrict
Maraglio, SuzanneMED K,1 & 3 Special
Martin, KerriH/S
Martino, DeborahMED T.
McCardle, MeghanM/S Special
McCullum, NicoleQuestar School Imp. Data Analyst4054
McIntosh, MarleneDistrict Cleaner3005
McManus, MichaelHS/MS Spanish/
McShane, SamanthaHS/MS Vocal
Mead, TimothyM/S Cleaner2032
Mesick-Keil, PatriciaM/S T.
Metrando, JenniferM/S T.
Miano, MarieM/S Food Service2069
Mickle, MicheleH/S T.
Milano, RebeccaMED Grade
Miller, DarleneM/S Grade
Montgomery, LaurenH/S
Moore, MaryM/S Sr. Food Service Helper2069
Morgan, ReneeMED
Morse, MicaelaMED T. Assistant Grade
Mulica, JacquelineMED Grade
Murray, BarbaraFood Service
Murray, SaraMED Grade
Myers, PeggyMED Food Service3203
Nichols, SusanMED Perm Daily
Nieto, StevenDirector of
O’Dowd, TomM/S Science Grade
O’Keefe, AimeeM/S Social
Oleynek, SteveSupervisor of
O’Leary, MichelleH/S Food Service Helper1060
Oligny, DebraMED
O’Neill, AnnM/S Reception/Attendance
Paladino, FrankH/S Cleaner1007
Paladino, MelissaMED
Paratore, MelissaMED Gr. K-5 AIS
Paratore, PatrickQuestar III Health &
Patton, KathleenMED Custodian3005
Pearson, MarkH/S Social
Perry, AaronQuestar III IT
Perry, MeganM/S
Persons, ValerieH/S
Phillips, ChelseaMED Library Media
Phillips, LaurenSecretary – Business Office/
Phillips, StevenMaintenance Worker4030
Poland, OwenH/S Soc.
Pottenburgh, DeborahSr. Typist-Supt.Office/District
Pottenburgh, MeghanMED T.
Powell, JenniferM/S
Pracher, LucyMED T.
Pravel, SabrinaMED Grade
Pritchett, KelliMED T.
Pulsiver, RaymondM/S Cleaner2032
Qua, EmilyM/S Guidance
Rafferty, RobertBus Mechanic4062
Ranita, LaurieMED
Reichardt, ConnieMED Grade
Reno, KristenMED Elementary
Richard, WilliamM/S Social Studies Grade
Riddick, ErikaMED Grade
Ristau, LindsayMED Grade K-5 AIS
Roloson, JohnMED Phys.
Ronca, StephanieMED Grade
Rosenstrach, KellySchool Resource
Rossi, TheresaH/S Special
Rudat, CourtneyMED Grade
Sacco, MaryH/S T.
Samplaski, JessicaH/S English/
Sanders, TaraMED T.
Schneider, BarbaraMED T.
Schrom, HollyAccount
Scott, ChristinaMED
Sigler, KristineH/S T.
Silverman, StephenH/S
Simmons, DarcyM/S
Simon, BrianDir. Special
Sitzer, RichardH/S T.
Smith, JulieM/S Teaching
Smith, PatriciaHS/MS
Songayllo, PatriciaH/S
Sorros, KarenMED T.
Southard, KarenNetwork Support
Souza, KarenHS/MS
Stead, MichaelMED Instructional Innovation
Steltz, ScottH/S Phys.
Stickles, RodneyH/S Special
Taylor, EdwinM/S Custodian2032
Thorpe, KiraMED Special Education Gr.
Thorsen, JohnHigh School
Thorsen, MargaretM/S Special Ed. Gr.
Tomaso, PatriceH/S
Toomey, LisaDistrict
Turck, AndreaHS/MS
Tyski, LesterMaint.
VanAlstyne, ElaineMED T.
Van Etten, CatlynBuilding Maintenance
Van Etten, MeganMED Senior
VanNess, JeremyDistrict
VanNote, KristenMED Grade
Velez, PatriciaMED
Verenazi, PamelaM/S Secretary
Wagner, KristyMED Grade
Wallace, SusanM/S T.
Welch, ChelseaM/S T.
Wenk, LisaMED T.
West, MaryM/S Special Ed. Gr.
Wheeler, DavidH/S Head
Williams, CarolH/S Library T.
Williams, JessicaMED T.
Williams, VictoriaMED Grade 4 Special
Willis, ShawnM/S T.
Winter, CarrieMED Language Concepts
Witaszek, DanielleH/S T.
Wolfe, TanyaH/S Sr. Food Service Helper1060
Wright, JoaneAccount Clerk/Tax Coll./
Wrigley, NicoleMED Grade 5 Special
Zapp, MeredithMED AIS Reading Gr.
Zeigler, ChristineMED AIS
Zwingelberg, MichaelM/S