teacher and students sitting on floor looking at card with red robin and Spanish word Rojo

Spanish in Kindergarten

Young children pick up languages very quickly, and learning Spanish is now part of our kindergartners’ regular studies! Once a week, Spanish teacher Jennifer Powell visits each kindergarten class for fun-filled lessons, games and songs that familiarize students with español. This new language-learning initiative is the first to be rolled out in Chatham’s Spanish in […]

boys wearing purple shirts playon card games

MED House Activity Day

During a surprise assembly on December 18, MED announced its new House structure. Students were assigned to one of four houses – House Red, Green, Blue, or Purple – in which they will participate in new House Activity Day events together. Each house has a mix of students from pre-k through grade five, and every […]

science performer speaking into microphone while four children hold cups on stage

Wacky Science

The Wacky Science Show’s Sean “The Prankster” Doolan brought some quirky & crazy science experiments to MED on December 16. With lots of comedy, surprises, and audience participation, the show was a big hit with students and a fun way to learn about chemistry, physics, and The Scientific Method. This assembly was sponsored by the […]

Liam Drown at the microphone

“E-M-P-H-A-T-I-C” Spells Win for 6th Grader

Liam Drowne, a sixth grader at Chatham Middle School, is Chatham Central School District’s newest Spelling Champion. During CCSD’s Spelling Bee December 12, Liam correctly spelled “emphatic” to clinch the title and earn a spot at the Capital Region Spelling Bee held at Proctor’s Theatre in Schenectady on February 4! Eighth grader Lucia Bigelow and […]

parent and students making crafts

Turkey Trouble

First grade invited families in to help the children disguise a turkey to help it hide from being Thanksgiving dinner. They read the book Turkey Trouble, discussed and researched some disguise ideas, then with the help from their families created their final projects! They had a great afternoon getting ready for the holiday weekend with […]

boy wearing turkey hat guiding marble through paper obstacle course

K-STEM: Turkeys Through the Forest

November’s kindergarten STEM activity focused on building and design. Using a variety of materials, students created an obstacle course that represented a forest and a marble that represented a turkey. Students needed to guide their “turkey” through the “forest.”    

birchbark longhouse model

Historical Miniatures are Long on Detail

Fourth grade students made detailed miniature models of traditional Native American dwellings known as longhouses. This is an annual project in fourth grade and each year we are very impressed with the attention to detail our students put into them. On November 22, fourth graders gave presentations to their class on their miniature dwellings, and […]

girl and boy writing notes

Kindness Day

The 4th and 2nd grades celebrated World Kindness Day (Nov. 13) together at MED. Fourth graders created cards for the 2nd graders and then buddied up with them to spend time together at the end of the day. The students created a banner with their handprints pledging to spread kindness!