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2019-2020 At-A-Glance Calendar

2020-2021 At-A-Glance Calendar

Calendar Updates

  • Junior Prom is postponed
  • Grade 4 Concert on May 28 is canceled
  • Senior Arbor Day Parade was added to May 28
  • Arbor Day Banquet May 28 is canceled
  • Fine Arts Booster Club Meeting June 1 is canceled
  • MED PTA meeting June 2 is canceled
  • Spring Sports Awards Night June 4 is canceled
  • CCSTA Retirement Celebration June 5 is canceled
  • SAT Exam at CHS June 6 is canceled
  • Athletic Booster Club Meeting June 8 is canceled
  • School Budget Vote and Board Election is postponed to June 9 and will take place by absentee ballot
  • June 9 Board of Education meeting is canceled
  • Grade 5 Moving Up Certificate Pick Up was added to June 11
  • Music in the Park concert June 11 is canceled
  • ACT Exam at CHS June 13 is canceled
  • Last Day of Classes was changed to June 18
  • 8th Grade Certificate Pick up was added to June 19
  • 8th Grade Moving Up Video Watch was added to June 19
  • 5th grade Nature’s Classroom trip to Becket is canceled
  • June Regents Exams are canceled
  • August Regents Exams are Canceled