Christopher Spencer

Christopher SpencerI have lived in Chatham for six years, my children attending Chatham MED, Middle, and High Schools. I have served on the Board since 2020. If elected, I will support the district as we recover from the pandemic and move forward in a way that analyzes our results of the past years and responds to the needs of our students and community. I will balance fiscal responsibility with programming and capital improvements. 

In my service on the Board, I’ve forged strong relationships with the members, and believe my diplomacy, readiness to listen, knowing what questions to ask, and balanced objectivity will be an asset. I am fully prepared to meet the rigorous expectations of a Board member. 

I was Board president and co-founder of the Greene Hill School, a grade school in Brooklyn, NY. I served on the Board of Directors for the NY Passive House Association, and serve on the Town of Chatham Zoning Board of Appeals and Friends of the Tracy. I own an architecture firm in the Hudson Valley and NYC.