Patricia Wilson

Patricia WilsonIn seeking my second term, I remain committed to responsibly addressing educational program needs while fully recognizing the challenges community members face during these trying times. As a retired audit manager and seasoned Board member, who has served as chair of both the Policy and Finance Committees, I have successfully worked with other members and District administration to strengthen both financial and management accountability. The District now has a viable Strategic Plan with measurable goals that will provide a roadmap for fiscal management and program improvement. As a former parent and current grandparent of Chatham students, I support a rigorous educational program that is grounded in the basics while providing each student the opportunity to engage in the arts and athletics as well as explore other meaningful studies. Such a program develops critical thinking, responsibility, flexibility, and the ability to work and communicate with others – skills needed to succeed in today’s ever-changing world. I also recognize today’s student may face various physical and emotional challenges and have helped develop a holistic Wellness Policy that both complements and augments State policy.