Matthew Fisch

Matthew FischThis year’s educational environment has been challenging for everyone. I have so far served two years in the school board oversight role, and look forward to the important task of maintaining continuity of care in our country’s most important resource. I am a registered independent and consider the merits of individual issues when establishing consensus.

A lifelong resident of Chatham, I am vested in the school with 5 children. I am passionate about rural values and quality of life and am working on several initiatives to stimulate economic development in the region with a strong emphasis on environmental and social good.

As a career entrepreneur, I have strong competencies in team building, technology, policy, governance, risk, compliance, security, finance, legal, and negotiation.

I run the Chatham Coworker as a community project, and am founder of a cybersecurity software company “FortMesa” which is focused on making it simpler and easier to stop cybercrime.