Virtual Format Gives Lift To 5th Grade Career Days

Career Day is a popular tradition with 5th graders at MED. This year, the students enjoyed their Career Day so much that their teachers scheduled a second Career Day! So, over the course of May 13 and June 11, the students heard presentations from six different guests, who logged on from around the world to share their career experiences and answer questions from the students. Mr. Hoffman, MED’s band teacher, arranged the days and moderated the interviews.

man with lightning coming from his hand

Film director Martin Gooch joined 5th graders from London.

On May 13, students took a virtual tour of New York City with real estate agent Andrew Klima. They then learned about the large variety of responsibilities of Westchester County wildlife curator Atchison.  And they saw how Nashville fashion designer Jackie Musanti takes ideas from everyday life and uses them to create clothing that has been worn in TV shows and movies, and sold in stores like Target!

On June 11, Martin Gooch joined the students from London, England. Mr. Gooch is a film director who has worked on over 200 films, including Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone! Students had many questions about filmmaking and enjoyed Mr. Gooch’s British accent! Mr. Gooch even premiered a trailer for his new movie, Argh. Students also heard from Nashville-based music tour roadie and guitar tech Zac Rossi, who has toured with Luke Bryan, Justin Timberlake, and Lady A. The final guest was Lieutenant Commander Kevin Koenig. Lieutenant Commander Koenig flies helicopters for the US Navy and is currently based in Norfolk, Virginia. Afterwards, one student remarked, “I always wanted to see the inside of a helicopter!”

Using the virtual format allowed this year’s students to explore a wide variety of careers with guests from around the world.  Each guest was passionate about their work and encouraged students to work hard, form positive relationships, and chase their dreams!

crew standing in front of helicopter

Lieutenant Commander Kevin Koenig (fourth from right) in front of a US Navy helicopter.

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