End of Year & Graduation Information for Seniors

Class trip: On June 18th CHS Seniors will have the opportunity to travel with their classmates to Albany
and board the Dutch Apple for a 3 hour cruise. Again, students should have received a permission slip in
their social studies classes. There is no charge to seniors for this trip.

Graduation Rehearsal: Rehearsal for graduation will be held at the Columbia County Fairgrounds on
Thursday, June 24th at 11:00 a.m. All students should report to the entertainment pavilion (otherwise
known as the beverage tent). Caps and gowns, as well as graduation tickets, will be distributed at the
graduation rehearsal. Attendance at rehearsal is MANDATORY.

Graduation: Graduation is on Friday, June 25th at 6:00 p.m. It will be held at the fairgrounds rain or
shine. Each student will be allowed a minimum of 6 tickets for graduation. All attendees need to enter the
fairgrounds via the route 66 entrance. If you are using navigation, 182 Hudson Ave. Chatham NY will get
you to where you need to be. We will have parking attendants directing traffic as there will be two different
parking areas. There will be a parking section for vehicles that are transporting graduates and thus will
participate in the parade. There will be a separate parking area for attendees that will not be participating
in the parade (please see “Graduation Parade” below). Parents are encouraged to decorate at the
fairgrounds and may do so beginning Thursday June 24th after 3p.m. The exterior of the entertainment
pavilion and the fencing at the top of the grandstands will be ideal places for decorations. Decorations
should be taken down by Saturday afternoon. After Saturday, all materials will be taken down and
disposed of by the fair committee.

Graduates should report to the entertainment pavilion at the fairgrounds by no later than
5:15 p.m. and as early as 4:45. There will be a dessert reception prior to the graduation ceremony.
Appropriate attire for the graduation ceremony is as follows. Please remember that this graduation is for
all of our seniors and their families.

-Dress shirt (tie would be appropriate)
-Dress pants (shorts are discouraged)
-Dress shoes

-Dress or Skirt or blouse
-Dress pant and blouse (shorts are discouraged)
-Dress shoes

Our students benefit from the generosity of so many during the graduation season. Parents, please
remind your student of the importance of sending thank you cards to the sponsors of awards and
scholarships. I know they are greatly appreciated.

Graduation Parade: There will be a graduation parade again this year. The parade will be limited to the
vehicles of graduates, a select group of faculty and emergency response vehicles. Each graduate will
receive one ticket that will allow them one vehicle for the parade. Family members and friends are
encouraged to position themselves along the parade route to cheer on our graduates.


Map of Village of Chatham

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