CHS Medical Club Tackles Mental Health

The CHS Medical Club welcomed guest speaker Kameron Decker via a Google meet on April 2. Kameron works with the REACH Center, which is part of the Mental Health Association of Columbia-Greene Counties. The students were very interested in learning about mental health. As the club members’ goal outcome of the meeting was to be able to help educate their peers on strategies available for improving mental health. Right now, mental health is a huge issue. However, students commented that even prior to the pandemic, mental health has been an issue that tends to fly under the radar. 

As a counselor, Mrs. Decker discussed emotional vulnerability, long-term coping skills, short-term coping skills, emotions, and mental health services available in our area. Students actively participated in the discussion and had a great rapport with Mrs. Decker during the entire meeting. At the end of the meet, students were confident that they would be able to take away skills to use themselves and to share with their peers. 

The CHS Medical Club is hoping to meet with more guest speakers in different medical fields prior to the end of the year. The goal of the club is to expose students with an interest in the field of medicine to different career options available to them. Any CHS student who is interested is encouraged to join the club! Advisors of the club are Mrs. Brooke Decker and Mrs. Lisa Engel.

screenshot of club meeting

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