Letter From Mr. Thorsen on In-person Learning

(April 1, 2021) 

Greetings CHS Families, 

I hope this email finds you well. 

Heading into the break I wanted to give you an update on in-person learning for the 4th quarter. At this point we have over 70% of our families requesting to return to school in person. As I stated in a  previous mailing, we can easily fit 60% of our student population in the building safely under the current six-foot social distancing guidelines.  

At the present time we are strategizing to see if through some creative scheduling and shifting of  rooms we would be able to bring all students requesting live instruction back every day. We are  going to need more time to work this out, so I am asking for your patience. A decision will be  made by Wednesday, April 14th and we will communicate that to all families. 

Hopefully we will receive more guidance from New York State over the break. We are holding  out some hope that health authorities in NY could potentially adopt the CDC’s new three-foot guidelines but, as you know, we have all been waiting for more definitive information throughout this entire ordeal. 

Thank you so much for your understanding and I hope your students enjoy the Spring break. 


John T. Thorsen 

High School Principal

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