Better Days Are Coming – The Writing is on The Wall

Lets face it, with a global pandemic and the challenges COVID-19 poses to just about everything, the past 12 months haven’t been the greatest…but that doesn’t mean great things aren’t happening here every day. Take, for example, the uplifting art and messaging that has appeared throughout the corridors of the high school, courtesy of CHS secretary Colleen Dodge. Ms. Dodge usually keeps the lobby display case updated with different inspiring themes and fun staff photos, but she has really stepped things up over the past year. Because we could all use a little cheer.

When staff were first able to return to our buildings, they were greeted with a big “We Missed You” banner. When the students returned to school in October, Ms. Dodge put together a “paparazzi” theme in the main lobby and banners thanking our students and welcoming them back to the building. To assist our freshmen, who were not able to have a spring orientation of the building, she created and posted signs for every teacher’s classroom, complete with their name, color-coded subject, and a panther, so the students would know where to find their classes. She also made several masked animal silhouettes and placed them randomly around the school on hallway walls to give the everyone a chuckle. To greet the students in January when they returned after holiday recess, she filled the main hallway with a “Better Days Are Coming” message. And recently, 93 pictures of different animals on bicycles, all riding along in a row, appeared on the cafeteria walls to help cheer students up during lunch time.
Here are just a few photos of what Ms. Dodge has created for CHS so far. What will the spring bring?
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