COVID-19 Update Jan. 21 – Positive Cases Reported

(January 21, 2021)

Dear Chatham Families,

We have been notified that a Mary E. Dardess Elementary School employee and two Chatham High School students have tested positive for the COVID-19 virus. There is no need for contact tracing within the school setting as a result of any of these cases.

While we understand that you may want more details, privacy laws prohibit us from sharing or confirming personally identifiable information about anyone who has tested positive or is presumed positive. 

Please continue to fill out our daily Health Screening Form and monitor your family for potential COVID-19 symptoms. Please contact your school in the event that your child exhibits symptoms, undergoes testing, or is confirmed positive for COVID-19. This allows us to gauge what is happening in our school community and allows us to make an informed decision as to if a switch to or return from fully-remote learning is advisable. Our school is required to report to the state all students and staff who undergo testing or who are confirmed positive. 


Sal DeAngelo


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