Requests to Switch to Remote Learning

(January 5, 2021)

Dear Families,

First and foremost we hope you had a wonderful holiday! As we start this new year we realize that many families are choosing to keep their children home for health and safety concerns. That being said, if you choose to keep your child remote they must remain remote until the start of the third marking period for CMS and CHS, and the third trimester for the MED. The important dates are listed below.

As the numbers of COVID cases in the county rise, we have re-emphasized the importance of our safety procedures. We will continue to have conversations with the staff and students about social distancing and proper mask wearing. We have decided to limit mask breaks to snack and lunch times only.  Students will be given ample time to eat their lunch and then they will be asked to put their masks back on.

As principals and parents ourselves, we understand your concerns and understand how difficult this is for everyone. We are hopeful that our diligent efforts in school, combined with upcoming vaccination opportunities and proper safety procedures in the community, will help get us to a much better place in the spring. We want to thank all of our families and students for their support and cooperation.

Important dates:

CMS and CHS letter to return to in-person learning due


CMS and CHS Marking Period 3 begins


MED – letter to return to in-person learning due


MED – Trimester 3 begins


Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

​​​​​​​All the best,

Kristen Reno, MED Principal – 518-392-2255
Mike Burns, CMS Principal – 518-392-1560
John Thorsen, CHS Principal -518-392-4142

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