Virtual Fall Festival of Shakespeare Dec. 18-20

Shakespeare & Company presents its Virtual Fall Festival of Shakespeare, which premiers Friday, December 18 at 6:00 p.m. and runs through Sunday, December 20. Two Chatham seniors are participating in this special online-only festival, a reimagined version of the Company’s annual Fall Festival of Shakespeare of which Chatham High School is a regular participant. Register to view online at Registration is free and donations are encouraged.

2020 Fall Festival of Shakespeare Performances:

Love’s Labour’s Lost, Directed by Lori Evans & Kirsten Peacock

Julius Caesar, Directed by Madeleine Rose Maggio & Devante Owens

The King John Project, Directed by Rory Hammond & Nick Nudler

While the program could not be held in its accustomed venues, Shakespeare & Company felt it was imperative to create an expressive space for students and give seniors the chance to take their final bows. 

Chatham’s Carissa Palladino, who is appearing in Julius Caesar, said, “even being miles apart and only seeing each other over the screen, acting with my scene partners feels just as genuine as it would in person. Acting over computers really forces you to use your imagination more than you normally have too, it really gives me a lot of respect for voice actors.” 

Appearing in The King John Project is Morgan Ball, our school’s other performer, who added, “it’s very difficult to adjust to, but our directors are doing their very best to make it as fun and engaging as possible!” 

The pair joined 28 other seniors from Berkshire and Columbia counties to explore creative thinking, teamwork, and Shakespeare as they created 45-minute virtual performances under the tutelage of Shakespeare & Company’s education artists. Daily rehearsals over the past five weeks have built on the students’ personal connection to the text and the language. Students also had the opportunity to develop skills in stage combat, performance aesthetics, dance, technical theatre, costuming, stage management, marketing, and publicity.

“We are so very proud of the seniors who have come together to continue the Festival work and create such an ambitious project against such daunting odds,” said Shakespeare & Company Education Director Kevin G. Coleman. “We are grateful to the teachers, staff and directors who have bravely envisioned and executed a way to continue this work. And we are once again humbled by the attitude of care and support for each other that needs to become a model for the world.”

Participating schools include Berkshire Waldorf High School, Chatham High School, Lee Middle and High School, Monument Mountain Regional High School, Mount Everett Regional High School, Mount Greylock Regional High School, Springfield Central High School, and Taconic Hills High School.

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