CMS/CHS Full-Remote Oct. 29 & 30

October 28, 2020

Dear Chatham Families,

As you are aware, our District continues to experience repeated Internet outages that are causing disruptions to our school operations, particularly to remote learning. 

As a result, all CMS and CHS students, including self-contained special education  students, will be fully-remote this Thursday, October 29, and Friday, October 30. As before, teaching staff at the middle and high schools will work from off-campus so that any potential Internet outages in our buildings will not affect our ability to conduct classes online. 

MED will remain open as normal for in-person learning. All students and teachers engaged in in-person learning will report to campus. Teachers who instruct remote-only classes will do so from off campus so that any Internet outages in the building will not affect our ability to conduct those classes. 


All games and practices will continue as scheduled.

Food Service

As they are every school day, grab-and-go meals are available for CCSD remote-learning students at no cost. Pick up is from 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. at the MED front door. Please email or call Barb Murray (, 518-392-1536) to reserve your meals.


Transportation will be provided as normal for MED students and for private/parochial school and other out-of-district-placed students. 

In-person CTE classes at Questar III will continue. We will provide transportation for our CTE students to and from Questar III and will contact those families directly.

What Is Happening With Our Internet

Unlike the equipment failure that shut down our Internet from last Friday through Tuesday of this week, there is evidence that today’s outage and several other outages we experienced earlier this month are being caused by targeted cyberattacks originating from off-campus. Due to the disruptive nature of these attacks, we have involved law enforcement in the investigation. While this investigation is underway, we will continue to work on both short-term and long-term solutions to minimize disruptions to our Internet service.

The type of cyberattack we are experiencing is intended to temporarily disable our District’s internet service by flooding it with artificial traffic. It is not capable of accessing any records and there is no threat to data security

We again apologize for the inconvenience and frustration this ongoing situation causes. Please know we are doing what we can to overcome the problem, but it may take some time. We’ll let our families know by the end of the day on Friday whether or not we will need to extend remote learning into next week. 


Sal DeAngelo,
Superintendent of Schools

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