2nd Trimester Change-to-Learning-Plan Requests Due Nov. 16

Dear Parents,

If you are not making any changes to your child’s learning, please do not respond to this notice.

THIS IS A REMINDER: Should you choose to have your child(ren) return to in-person learning at the
beginning of the 2nd trimester, OR if you want your child to move from in-person learning to remote learning, please submit a request to Mrs. Reno no later than November 16. If your child is returning to in-person, it is important that you let us know what your child’s dismissal plan will be upon their return (i.e. taking the bus, drop off/pick up). Please attach a permanent dismissal note with your return to in-person request letter.

MED’s 2nd trimester begins December 7.

*Please be advised that some changes to learning configurations may have an impact on programming in all three buildings.

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