2nd Quarter/Trimester Change-to-Learning-Plan Requests

October 14, 2020

Dear Parents,

If you are not making any changes to your child’s learning, please do not respond to this notice.

THIS IS A REMINDER: Should you choose to have your child(ren) return to in-person learning at the
beginning of the 2nd quarter or trimester, OR if you want your child to move from in-person learning to
remote learning, please submit a request to your child’s Principal no later than the date given below.

If your child is returning to in-person, it is important that you let us know what your child’s dismissal plan will be upon their return (i.e. taking the bus, drop off/pick up?). Please attach a permanent dismissal note with your return to in-person request letter.

*Please be advised that some changes to learning configurations may have an impact on programming in
all three buildings.

Thank you for your continued support of the Chatham Central School District and our students.


Kristen Reno, MED Principal
Michael Burns, CMS Principal
John Thorsen, CHS Principal

MED: 2nd trimester return request due date 11/16/2020
2nd Trimester begins 12/7/2020

CMS/CHS: 2nd quarter return request due date 10/23/2020
2nd Quarter begins 11/16/2020

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