Grade 6 October Letter

(October 1, 2020)

Dear Sixth-Grade Families,

First, I want to thank everyone for making this a successful re-entry to Middle School. We know
that there was a lot of anxiety, stress and questions about the start of the school year. Your
children did such an amazing job and we are all excited to have them back!

Starting Monday, October 5th, we will transition into our full hybrid schedule where in-person
students will attend daily. Regardless if you are in person or remote we will follow a regular
school day schedule from 7:50 a.m.-2:10 p.m.

If your child is a walker or dropoff they will be allowed in the building at 7:30 a.m.. They will
enter the building through the front doors of the building, which we explained to them during

Please assist us in helping your children make sure they have their materials everyday. This
would include their charged Chromebook and whatever other materials they are asked to bring.
Thank you again for your patience and cooperation. We look forward to working with you and
your children!

Also, just a reminder that if a student will not be able to participate in any learning activities that
day, you can email/call the school at or (518) 392-1560 option 2.

We are aware that all family and student circumstances may vary, especially during these
unprecedented circumstances. Your child’s teachers are available to ensure the success
of your child during this time. Should you have any questions about these procedures, or
remote learning in general, please feel free to reach out to your building administrators
Michael Stead or Michael Burns at (518) 392-1560.

All the best,

Mike Burns, CMS Principal
Michael Stead, CMS Assistant Principal

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