PE Rules & Expectations

Teacher Philosophy for Success: The philosophy can be summed up in one statement: “You don’t have to be the fastest, strongest, or best athlete to succeed in this class……but, there is something that will separate some people from the others, and that is EFFORT.”  Whether it’s effort you will put in within the in person setting or the effort you put into the activities/assignments we ask you to complete remotely.

Teachers John Brantley and Lynn Fisher expect that each student puts forth their best effort in class, regardless of ability levels.

In-Person Learning: Students must display effort by coming to class prepared, performing the class lesson objectives to the best of their individual abilities, and through their sportsmanship/cooperation with their peers.

Remote Learning: Students must display effort by going onto Google Classroom and viewing the lessons and assignments that will be provided, completing required assignments and activities within due dates that will be provided.

Class Schedule Format: (Constantly evolving; but note that your child, during In Person learning will have PE 2 to 3 times a week, depending on alternating days. Remotely….A video lesson or written lesson will be posted within Google Classroom at the beginning of the week; assignments activities to complete will be attached to that lesson for your child to complete.

Daily Routines: * A student is NOT required to change his/her clothing as long as school clothing allows him/her to move freely and safely for the activity and sneakers are on (crocs, flip flops, dress shoes, boots are NOT considered appropriate footwear for this class and students will be asked to sit out of the day’s lesson).

  • Students should quietly walk through the hallway to the gymnasium and should wait outside of the gymnasium doorway until a teacher is present inside of the gym.
  • Electronic devices may not be used during class time unless the teacher or other supervising personnel have granted permission. Therefore, devices should be placed in the holder that is provided within the gymnasium upon entering the gym.
  • Students are expected to sit in their assigned spots within the gym, so a quick and accurate attendance can be taken; students are expected not to touch any equipment that may be set up, while arriving at their assigned spots.
  • Once ready to begin class activities, appropriate warm-ups are completed, directives and demonstrations will occur, and the students will get a variety of opportunities to engage in the designed activity for the day.

We stress that students become accustomed to Warm- ups because it is very important for muscles to be stretched and loosened prior to activity. Warm-ups help to prevent injuries and enable students’ heart rates to rise, which allows the blood to pump quicker to the various muscles.

Activities :
Our activities include Traditional, Individual and Team sports such as soccer, football, volleyball, basketball, badminton, softball, personal fitness, etc. Our curriculum also involves up and coming club sports such as Ultimate Frisbee, Speedball, Floor Hockey. Skills are taught, rules and strategies provided, and opportunities for several practice opportunities are incorporated into every unit we do.

How Can Parents Help?
Please help us enforce the importance of keeping your body fit and healthy. Please help us enforce the importance of Physical Education being a part of the TOTAL educational process. After all, a quality program is only as strong as the support it receives, and everyone’s efforts in achieving the goals the program holds for its participants. Also, please provide deodorant for the student to use after p.e.

Parents can stay updated on Physical Education Activities and Information by going to the Chatham District Website, Middle School Teacher Pages, and look for the Physical Education website. This Website will also provide the “Current Unit” review, so that students may study the information prior to any end of unit written assessment.

Parents please stay updated on you child’s Physical Education progress by ensuring that they are checking in to Google Classroom and completing the remote lessons/assignments/activities being asked of them.

Contact Information:
John Brantley: 518-392-4142 Ext. 2036
Lynn Fisher: 518-392-4142 Ext. 2042

New York State requires that schools at all levels teach Physical Education as part of the total school program.

Evaluation: ( In Person Learning) Each student has the opportunity to earn a maximum of 10 Points during each class. There are 10 weeks each quarter, so by following the A-Day/B-Day daily schedule, students will have approximately 25 classes in which to earn points. Points are broken down into the following categories: 0-1 Point: Student is on time 0-1 Points: Student arrives to class in appropriate attire; attire as listed above. 0- 2 Points: Sportsmanship/Cooperation (Avoids put-downs, is supportive, works positively with others to achieve group objectives) 0-6 Points: Participation/ Fully engages in the warm-up/Class Activity.

A – Absent
BS – Band or School Absence
E – Effort
NP – Not Prepared
SA – Poor Sportsmanship/poor attitude
M – Medical

(REMOTELY): Assignments and Activities will be given a point value to them; upon completion, students will receive the # of points they earned through their responses and completing the assignment on time. (If necessary) Opportunities will be given to resubmit assignments for a better grade).

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