8th Grade School Supplies

Team 8
Chatham Middle School
Chatham, New York 12037
August 2020

Dear Middle School Families,

Welcome to the eighth grade! We are looking forward to meeting our new students and have prepared a challenging and rigorous curriculum. The eighth grade year is a transition year, one in which we focus on preparing students for high school. To get you started, we ask that you have the following school supplies with you on the first day of school. It is especially important to have your own supplies this year as there will be no sharing of pens/pencils!


  1. Two or Three  two(2) inch 3 ring binders w/dividers for Spanish, Math(Algebra only), and Science class. 
  2. 1 marble composition notebooks for Regular Math 8.
  3. 1 spiral (single subject) notebook for Social Studies.
  4. Looseleaf  (1 package of 100) for ELA
  5. Pens and  pencils (ELA work will be done in pen – find one you like to write with in any color that’s legible.)
  6. Colored pencils
  7. 2 Glue Sticks 

We hope this list helps you be prepared and organized for the first day of school and throughout the school year. It is expected that each student will come to class prepared to work- which means arriving each day with a pen or pencil, and whatever else the class requires.

If you have any questions, please call us at the Middle School (392-1560). Enjoy the rest of your summer.

Yours truly,
Team 8 

Ms. Perry – Science
Ms. Hetterich – Language Arts
Mr. Connelly  – Social Studies
Mrs. Keller – Math
TBD – Special Education

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