Remote Learning Information

(August 14, 2020)

On August 7, 2020 the Governor announced that schools in the capital region are allowed to open for in-person instruction in September, 2020. The Chatham Central School District will offer a full in-person model for students (PreK-6) and Special Education, a hybrid model (7-12), and a full-remote option K-12 for families who choose to access it.

Please note that the primary goals when developing these instructional models and school schedules included:

  • Safety for all students and staff is at the forefront of all decisions. When evaluating facilities, capacity was determined based on six-foot social distancing between individuals and keeping small cohorts together.
  • Equity in accessibility to instruction, support services, accommodations and modifications for students with IEP and 504 plans, English language learners, and students at risk in areas such as academics, social-emotional development, etc.
  • Consistency in communication and scheduling for students, families and staff.
  • Programming that aims to maintain our high-quality instructional program and offerings as safely and effectively as possible throughout all learning models (in-person, hybrid, full remote).

Grades PreK-6 and Special Education Students

In-person Instructional Model

● All students grades PreK-6 report to school daily

● Classes split into small cohorts

● Lessons taught by teachers and supported by additional staff

● Special area class offered daily

Grades 7-12

Hybrid Instructional Model

● In-person: A/B day schedule (students attend every other day)

● Remote instruction days: two or three days when not assigned to be in school.

● Special education students, and English language learners will attend every day.

Full Remote Instruction

On August 10, 2020, the District announced that we are able to offer a full remote option for parents to choose. To select this model, parents needed to submit to their child’s school, a “Remote Learning Request Form” for each individual child in the household no later than Monday, August 17,2020. A copy of that form is located on the website, Check on this for a link to the form.

If this option is selected, please note that the instruction may not fully replicate the in-person, hybrid model of instruction. Classes will be taught by certified teachers, however, fully remote students may not be instructed by the same teacher(s) of the in-person or hybrid models. One option also being explored at the secondary level (grades 7-12) includes the pooling of resources in the Questar III BOCES region. This means that your child could be assigned to work with a teacher from Chatham or be assigned to work with a certified teacher from one of the other component districts.

As of August 14, 2020, this model is still under development and evolving but here are some characteristics of the model:

  • Be available to all students in grades K-12*
  • Instruction will be conducted daily following the same school calendar and expectation for student attendance as our in-person program.
  • When possible be taught by a Chatham teacher
  • Contain synchronous live video lessons when appropriate
  • Contain (asynchronous) pre-recorded video lessons when necessary
  • Contain daily interaction with the classroom teacher that may include by are not limited to live office hours
  • Utilize learning resources, virtual labs, simulations and other digital educational materials that support the teaching and learning of the course content.
  • All students will be provided access to a Chromebook provided by the District
  • Students/Families, when needed, will be assisted with internet access through a variety of strategies.

*Parents wishing to have a conversation about whether this model is appropriate for their child are encouraged to contact their building principal for support and questions

If parents choose the fully remote option, we are requiring that they commit to this decision for at least one trimester (through December 3, 2020 for Grades K-5) or one quarter (through November 15, 2020 for Grades 6-12). We will work collaboratively with parents to evaluate individual situations where remote learning is not successful and where alternative plans may be needed. Thank you for your partnership and patience while we navigate this complex and changing situation.


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