We are Always Here for You

As many of you are aware, Chatham’s slogan is “Everyone, Every Day.” We live this slogan in our inclusive and equitable policies, procedures, curriculum, and the environment we create for our students. As a public education institution, providing the children of our community with a well-rounded education in partnership with our parents and guardians is our mission.

Now more than ever, conversations are being generated that may be challenging to navigate. As always, we are here to support our students and families at all times with these conversations.

Below, we have provided links to some online resources that we hope you find helpful in starting a conversation and answering questions that your children may have. These are just a few examples, there are many more resources available out there.



Students and families looking for additional support on any topic should always feel free to reach out to any staff member. Some important contacts include:


Brittney Jory – psychologist joryb@chatham.k12.ny.us

Rene Morgan – counselor morganr@chatham.k12.ny.us

Kristen Reno – principal renok@chatham.k12.ny.us

Brett Fortran – assistant principal fortranb@chatham.k12.ny.us


Aimee O’Keefe – social worker okeefea@chatham.k12.ny.us

Karen Souza – psychologist souzak@chatham.k12.ny.us

Jackie Hoffman – counselor hoffmanj@chatham.k12.ny.us

Mike Burns – principal burnsm@chatham.k12.ny.us


Tracy Kelly – social worker kellyt@chatham.k12.ny.us

Karen Souza – psychologist souzak@chatham.k12.ny.us

Jim Lombardi – counselor lombardij@chatham.k12.ny.us

Amanda Carroll – counselor carrolla@chatham.k12.ny.us

John Thorsen – principal thorsent@chatham.k12.ny.us

Justin Forrest – assistant principal forrestj@chatham.k12.ny.us


Brian Simon – Director of Special Education simonb@chatham.k12.ny.us

Lucas Christensen – Administrator of Educational Services christensenl@chatham.k12.ny.us


Only by working together can we affect positive change for the benefit of our students.

Dr. Sal DeAngelo,

Superintendent of Schools

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