Letter to 8th Graders from Mr. Burns

(May 4, 2020)

Dear Eighth Graders,

Thank you and I’m sorry. On Friday we received the news that we will not be coming back to school for the remainder of the school year. While online learning will continue it won’t be the same. The adults in our building miss each and everyone of you. We miss your wit, your smiles, and even some of your 8th grade attitudes! I am sorry. I am sorry that you can’t see your teachers and your friends. I am sorry that you won’t be able to attend the Cape Cod trip. I am sorry that this is the way your Middle School journey has to end. You all have a special place in my heart as we both made the journey together from the MED to the Middle School, and this is where I thank you.

Thank you for your resilience and your strength in what some would argue are the hardest years of your life. Thank you for your courage and determination to continue your education online. Thank you for being a part of something special, which is Chatham Middle School.

I, along with the other administrators, are in discussion concerning a way to acknowledge all students graduating from each school building. I will let you know when our plans are set.

We still have two months left and we are here to help you continue to learn, continue to grow, and get the best education you can receive remotely.

Thank you all!

Sincerely, Mr. Burns

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