Letter from Team 6

(April 6, 2020)

6th Grade Updates-

Dear Parents & Guardians,

We hope that this letter finds you and your family safe and well. We miss seeing each and everyone of your children in our classrooms each day. We know that it’s a trying and perhaps stressful time for everyone! Know that the 6th grade team is here to help you in whatever ways that we can. Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns during this extended closure. We are learning right along with you so thank you for your patience and support as we implement “learning from home.” Please let us know if something is working or not working so that we can make any adjustments as needed.

Here are some answers to questions that you might have:

Question: Where will the list of assignments be posted?

Answer: Assignments will be posted on the 6th Grade Weekly Assignment page that is located on the district website. Please have your child check there each day. This will direct him/her on where to go and what needs to be worked on throughout the week.

Question: Should my child be checking his/her email daily?

Answer: Have your child check his/her email each day. Feel free to delete anything that is not necessary. Teachers may email looking for assignments or giving feedback.

Question: Will you still run on on-line quizzes or games?

Answer: Online “quizzes/games” will continue to be run at 2pm only. All information (websites and class codes) will be posted on the 6th Grade Weekly Assignment page. They will no longer be sent out through Remind.

Question: How will grades work?

Answer: With the district switching to a “Complete/Incomplete” model, as recommended, for the 4th Quarter, grading will look different. Work that does not “demonstrate learning” will be returned to students for corrections and will need to be resubmitted. Work that “demonstrates learning” will be kept.

Question: How can we/I keep track if the assignment was submitted or not?

Answer: Check out SchoolTool. If you find a 100% for the assignment, it means they have submitted it and it demonstrated learning. If you find 0% for the assignment, it means that it has not been submitted or needs to be resubmitted to demonstrate learning.

Question: What about ENCORE assignments? Where will those be located?

Answer: Many ENCORE teachers will be posting their assignments on the 6th Grade Weekly Assignment page as well. For those who do not, be checking their Google Classroom as well, just in case.

Question: There’s so much to do! How do we get it all done? Is it due that week?

Answer: Pace yourself and your child. It’s a great time to teach about balance. Make a schedule/plan with your child, knowing that things may change and that’s alright! We know that this is a stressful time and want to work with you and your child to learn and get everything done. We will be using “flexible due dates” to accomplish this goal through the extended closure. We will take work after the due date, but the expectation is that the work is done to demonstrate learning of the material.

Question: My child needs help with the work. How do they get it?

Answer: He/She can still get help. We are all available via email. We can schedule Google Meet times as well. We’re looking into doing this on a regular basis.

Question: What about the Bronx Zoo? Is it still on?

Answer: After much discussion and out of an abundance of caution (and with great sadness), it has been decided that the field trip will be cancelled this year. We are working with the District Office on reimbursing all who have paid. They will be like the stimulus checks; on the way!

  • If you paid with a check and it was deposited—-> then a check will be issued by the district TO WHOMEVER is named on the check (i.e. a company, grandparent, etc) and mailed to the address on the check
  • If you paid with cash/money order—–> then a check will be issued by the district and mailed to the address on School Tool.
  • If you paid with a check and it WASN’T deposited—-> then we will write void on the check and mail it back to the address on the check.

Thank you for your understanding and patience! We are working as quickly as possible to get them to you but it is a lengthy process (lots of paperwork!). If there are any issues with addresses, please reach out ASAP! Do you still have questions? Please feel free to reach out to any Team member. Remember that it’s also a great time to play games, do puzzles, bake, laugh, hike and have fun with your family!

Stay safe!

6th Grade Team
Ms. Karin Baldauf (SS)
Mr. Jordan Heussler (Math)
Mrs. Brooke Kraham (TA)
Mrs. Kachie Ladd (Science)
Mrs. Kristine Mackowski (Sp Ed)
Ms. Meghan McCardle (Sp Ed)
Mrs. Darlene Miller (ELA)
Mr. Shawn Willis (TA)

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