Message from the Principal’s Office

(April 3, 2020)
Good afternoon CHS students and families,

I hope this email finds you safe and well. I know that many people are feeling overwhelmed by the volume of work that has recently been provided to our students by their teachers. Please know that we understand how difficult this is for you and we hope you understand that this is difficult for us as well.

In order to alleviate some of the pressure we are all feeling, I wanted to write you all a quick note to set the tone for the days to come. First of all, we know that it is important that our students remain engaged in their academic programs. We do not know when we will return at this point. We are slated for an April 15th (now May 15) return, but I think everyone understands that could change. Students are being asked at this point to move forward with new material. This new work is mandatory, but the work assigned will be reasonable. Teachers are currently working to identify the key components of their curriculum in order to streamline the amount of information that needs to be covered. We will do our best to appropriately challenge and support our students, just like we did when we were all in school together. Our goal is to provide as much flexibility as we can with our instruction and our assessment. If you stay engaged in your classes and you maintain a solid effort, I have every confidence that you will be successful in meeting the requirements outlined by your teachers. More specific guidance will be coming out to you in the near future and on a regular basis for the remainder of our stay at home order. We have done our best to navigate this educational shift in very short order. We realize that you are receiving so much information from so many different places. We will become more efficient with our communications as time goes on.

Our main priority at this point is to make sure all of our students are safe and well. Please let us know if there are any roadblocks that are preventing you from being successful academically …or if you are just having a difficult time dealing with life in general. You can communicate issues directly to your teachers or to any of our faculty and/or staff. We will be responsive to your needs.

I hope that all of you are able to enjoy some family time this weekend. Don’t forget about taking care of yourselves both mentally and physically. We are all in this together, and that is exactly how we will get through it successfully. All of my best to our CHS community.


John Thorsen

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