Outdoors Club Hikes High Falls

The CHS Outdoors Club (advisors Brooke Decker, Mike Kullman, and Rodney Stickles) took a hike to High Falls Conservation Area in Philmont March 5. Spring is certainly coming and the students had a great time on the hike. The High Falls Conservation Area is part of the Columbia Land Conservancy and home to Columbia County’s highest waterfall. The Agawamuck Creek and the resulting waterfalls played a large part in generating power for the mills that were once the main source of business in Philmont. Although the mills no longer operate, the beauty of the spot draws in many hikers. The Outdoors Club will certainly be getting back its love of hiking now that the weather is nice, with the goal of completing all of the Columbia Land Conservancy hikes by the end of the year. Any CHS student  who loves the outdoors is encouraged to join them for a hike or two!

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