D.A.R.E. Graduation

Every student in Mary E. Dardess Elementary School’s fifth grade celebrated their successful completion of D.A.R.E. with a graduation ceremony held February 14. Students walked across the CHS stage to accept their certificates of completion from Principal Kristen Reno. D.A.R.E. educates students on how to make safe and responsible choices concerning drugs, violence, and in all aspects of their lives. The program is taught by Columbia County Sheriff’s Deputy Wendy Guntert. Congratulations to our 61 graduates!

In order to graduate, students completed D.A.R.E. planners, showed good attendance, demonstrated good behavior by following the D.A.R.E. rules, stayed substance free, and wrote essays about how they will use what they learned in the future.

Student representatives Aiden Dallas, Annaleigh Butts, Marsy Chudy, and Lylah Rowe hosted the graduation ceremony. They were joined onstage by Mrs. Reno and Assistant Principal Brett Fortran, Deputy Guntert, and other representatives from the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office.

In recognition of having written outstanding essays, Mage Mason, Dayaa Powell, and Adelaide Searl represented their respective classes by reading their essays to the audience.

Students studied facts about drugs, bullying, communication skills, and peer pressure in their D.A.R.E. planners. They also tackled different situations using the D.A.R.E. Decision Making model to help them practice making wise and informed decisions. The five students from each class with the most outstanding planners were also recognized at the graduation:

From Ms. Grill & Ms. Wrigley’s class: Sophia Middleton, Lilyana Sanchez, Agustin Sanchez, Amelia Strattman, Elizabeth Wallin

From Mrs. Hogencamp’s class: Aiden Dallas, Josephine Moore, Emily Moschini, Shelby Schrader, Landon Van Alstyne

From Mrs. Murray’s class: Braydin Drumm, Adam Geel, Mason Hutchinson, Samantha Miller, Axel Vose

Funding for D.A.R.E. at MED is provided by the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office.

Chatham's 2020 DARE graduates on stage

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