Deputy Rosenstrach Goes to Art Class

glazed clay vaseIn her role as a resource who students can go to if they ever need help, School Resource Deputy Kelly Rosenstrach is always looking to interact with and get to know our students, as trust is built upon relationships. And with Chatham being a school and all, sometimes that means she gets to learn cool new things along the way. Recently, Deputy Rosenstrach spent time with our High School Ceramics Class, where she discovered clay as her artistic medium. She fell in love with the class and the students loved having her as a part of it. The students took it upon themselves to show Deputy Rosenstrach the ropes, assisting her with building her vessels and providing guidance on the best tools and glazes to use. All the while, the students and Deputy Rosenstrach got to know one another better and build positive rapport. “It was a win/win for the students and the deputy,” remarked CHS art teacher Patrice Tomaso. “Next up is Woodcarving and I wouldn’t be surprised to see Deputy Kelly in Woodcarving Class where she will have the opportunity to meet a new group of students.” In case you’re wondering about the getup, Deputy Rosentrach is wearing Mrs. Tomaso’s smock over her uniform to keep it clean – hey, it’s art class!


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