MED Sneaker Drive Fundraiser for Nature’s Classroom & PTA

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MED’s Fifth Grade, in conjunction with the MED PTA, is holding an athletic shoe drive fundraiser beginning November 18th to raise money for the annual Nature’s Classroom trip and the MED PTA. We will earn funds based on the total quantity of pairs of gently worn, used and new sneakers collected. GotSneakers, a social enterprise, will issue funds in compensation for the collected sneakers. Those funds will benefit our programs. Anyone can help by simply donating gently worn, used and new sneakers at the MED, CMS and CHS lobbies. We will continue to collect sneakers ALL school year.

GotSneakers is a unique fundraising initiative that asks communities to reach into their closets, not their pockets! All donated sneakers are redistributed throughout the GotSneakers’ network of small business partners throughout Haiti, Nicaragua, Bolivia, and Ukraine. GotSneakers works with micro-entrepreneurs helping them create, maintain and grow small businesses in developing countries where economic opportunity and jobs are limited. Learn more about GotSneakers by visiting their website at

By donating gently worn, used and new sneakers you will make a difference in people’s lives around the world and here at home.


Grade 5
Mary E. Dardess Elementary School
Chatham, NY
Office: 518-392-2400

Compensation Style and Quality Guidelines

NEW athletic sneakers and sports cleats (never worn with or without tags)$3.00 per pair
Used wearable, reusable athletic sneakers and sports cleats$1.00 per pair
Used non-wearable, Recyclable Athletic sneakers and sports cleats$0.25 per pair
Baby and toddler footwear (all styles, including athletic sneakers)$0.00 per pair
Non-athletic footwear$0.00 per pair
Singles, non-paired footwear$0.00 per pair


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