CMS Unity Day

Some pictures from CMS’ first ever Unity Day on October 22. A total surprise to students, they began the day at an exciting assembly with American Beatbox Champion Mark Martin and two-time World Beatbox Champion Kaila Mullady, who dropped some beats on stage, talked about overcoming obstacles, and showed students how to do a little beatboxing themselves. Later, the two led workshops at the classroom level where students learned how to harness the power of their voices through lyrics and song (the beatbox portion of the day was made possible through sponsorship from You TELL Me Stories, a 501(c3) literacy nonprofit founded by Chatham resident Lynn Rubin). From there, students were assigned to Hogwarts Academy style “houses” for the school year (four houses per grade level).  The rest of the day consisted of students brainstorming house names and coats of arms, playing cooperative get- to-know-you games, eating lunch together, and ending the day with competitive games in the gym that pitted house against house.

This unannounced event was the brainchild of the CMS Think Tank and was designed to promote positive energy and school unity. CMS is planning to have several more, unannounced Unity Days with various themes throughout the year. The houses will compete against each other as the year goes on in areas such as best attendance, fewest referrals, most clubs joined, and more, with a winning house declared at the end of school year!

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